In Memoriam

Mom at Living Wake 2019
Marjorie Louise Tollas Bernard October 7, 1932 – July 25, 2019

Marjorie Louise Tollas Bernard (Margie) passed away peacefully on Thursday, July 25, 2019 in Buncrana, Ireland, after losing her three-month battle with cancer.

Our family is deeply saddened by this loss and will miss her dearly. Margie was never one for long good-byes and she would prefer us to celebrate her life and not mourn for her.

This website was created for Margie to post information about our families ancestry so it is fitting that we all can celebrate her life here as well.

Please click here to join family and friends in celebration of Margie’s life with photos, videos, writings, links and other information. Post your comments and share your thoughts and memories about her with us.


Our Families


Bernard-Tollas Family Tree launched ~ U. S. Naval Station Chapel Washington, D.C.

Marjorie ‘Margie’ Tollas & Burton ‘Bucky’ Bernard ~ 20 February 1954

This was the neutral site for our American Melting Pot Lutheran~Jewish marriage. Although our marriage ended due to ‘unhappy differences’ in 1973, we remain friends, delighted & proud to have produced two sons; four grandsons; one great-grandson with a second great-grandson due September 2016.

Both our paternal grandparents immigrated: mine in 1891 from Gross Tuchen, County Bütow, Pommern to St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan; his in 1904 from Fălticeni, Suceava County, Romania to Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. Genealogical records for both families are scant or missing: my Tollas~Schultz records were destroyed or lost; his Bernard~Fine records because these, like his Romanian ancestors, perished during the Holocaust. However, my maternal heritage records go back as far as the 1500’s and some of them came to Colonial America shortly after the 1620 Pilgrims in what is known as New England: The Great Migration 1620-1640.

 Bucky and I met at a United Service Organization (USO) event in October 1953 at Silver Spring, Maryland. I was a USO hostess and he was in the U.S. Navy; we married four-months later.  A year later our first son, Donald Steven, was born. Then when our second son Mark Alan arrived in 1958, our family was complete.

Don welcomes brother Mark home from hospital. October 1958 – St. Louis Avenue, Chicago
Don welcomes brother Mark home from hospital. October 1958 – St. Louis Avenue, Chicago

The Tollas~Schultz Family

Alfred Eward Richard Tollas
Alfred Ewald Richard Tollas

My father, Alfred Ewald Richard Tollas was born 26 March 1904 in St. Joseph, Berrien County, Michigan to William & Hulda (Schultz) Tollas.

William and Hulda (Schultz) on their wedding day
William and Hulda (Schultz) on their wedding day

William was twenty when his parents,  Albert and Albertina ‘Tina’ (Reischke)  Tollas, emigrated in 1892 from Gross Tuchen, County Bütow, Pommern. They settled in St. Joseph where, three-years later, William married Hulda Schultz in March 1895.

Martin & Henrietta (Loraff) Schultz
Martin & Henrietta (Loraff) Schultz

Hulda and her parents, Martin & Henrietta (Loraff) Schultz, were also from Pommern; Reinfeld, County Rummelsberg  where Hulda was born in 1885.

S. S. NurnbergIn 1885, the family emigrated on the SS  Nurnberg fromBremen, Germany to Baltimore, Maryland. They then traveled on to St. Joseph where other Loraff and Reischke relatives had settled in 1857.

More information about these ancestors see the Pommern Province, Prussian Ancestors post.

The Bernard~Fein Family