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The following information about Johanna Henrietta (Loraff) Schultz [she was my paternal great-grandmother married to great-grandfather Martin Schultz. MTB]  was collected by Cindy Schroder: . Her research into the Loraff, Reischke, Schultz, Tollas ancestry was brought to my attention by Bill Remus: .

Cindy cites where she obtained her information thus: [3, 10-13, 15] with the numerals referring to a specific individual listed as SOURCES  at the end of her research.

My notes are indicated by brackets [ ] in bold text noted as MTB which stands for Margie (Tollas) Bernard.

Johanna Henrietta (Loraff) Schultz Biography by Cindy Schroder

In Germany she had a very good friend in Mrs. Bismarck. Mrs. Bismarck often would visit Henrietta in her home. Henrietta’s daughter, Emma, remembered that Mrs. Bismarck had a coachman who drove a handsome carriage [Hansom Carriage. MTB] drawn by white horses. She would arrive and depart this way. [3, 10-13,15]

Carl Greiffendorf was a “coachman” for the von Puttkammer family. Carl Greiffendorf (born 1825), was the brother of Wilhelmine Greiffendorf Gast. It is not known if this is the coachman who drove Mrs. Bismarck to Henrietta’s home though. [26]

She always had a large (2’x3′) full body picture of the Bismarck hanging in their home until WWI when it was impounded by the government. It was a full length picture of him in color. [13]

Johanna von Puttkamer was born Reinfeld on 11 April 1824. She married Bismarck on 28 June 1847 in Alt Kolziglow Pommern. Johanna died on 27 November 1894 in Varzin. [23]

She raised her granddaughter, Minnie Knuth. A daughter Minna Schultz [sic] is named in her probate – this must be Minnie Knuth. [3, 9]

She had a birthday on New Year’s Day and all her children who were able to come always came to help her celebrate. She would really have a houseful on that day. No one was especially invited, but everybody who was able to come would come so her little house almost burst at the seams at times. Gifts were always brought to her on her birthday. This is how she got so many of her pretty dishes, some of which Marty shared with Elsie. [3]

[“Marty” is the nickname of Martha (Schultz) Tietz. MTB]

The 4th of July was another day every relative who was in town would come to the house to eat. Kids were going in and out of the house all day long. It took the whole next day to get the flies out of the house. [3]

Henrietta had a couple of bushel of amber canning jars that her daughter, Martha, later smashed and buried in her yard in Baroda. [8] Henrietta took Minnie to raise when Pauline [Paulina. MTB] died in childbirth. Martha was ten years old and was jealous of Minnie. Many times Martha would blame things on Minnie and Henrietta would punish Minnie. [16]

[Wilhelminia Henrietta (Minnie) (Knuth) Siewert was born on 11 May 1860. Her mother Paulina (Schultz) Knuth died that same day. Her father was Carl Knuth. Paulina and Carl married in Reinfeld, County Rummelsburg, Pommern. They had three (3) sons born there: Emil Carl Gustav (1882-1948); Carl August (1884 – ); William Herman (1886-1970). (Paulina is my paternal Great-Aunt and Minnie my 1st cousin 1x removed.) Minnie was born in Michigan in 1893, so they must have immigrated sometime between 1886-1893. Prior to marring Paulina, Carl had been married to Augusta Loraff who died in 1879. They had three (3) sons and one (1) daughter. After Paulina died, Carl married a third time in 1896 to Johanna Reischke.  MTB]

Carl Knuth had his eye on Marty Schultz (who later married Will Tietz) after his wife Pauline Schultz (Marty’s sister) died. He wanted to marry Marty, but Henrietta really put her foot down and told him “NO” he had enough kids – to go marry someone his own age. Also Henrietta didn’t approve of Marty marrying Will Tietz. She was very much against it because he was a heavy drinker and “boozer.” She was very much against Marty marrying anyone and insisted she stay home with her and take care of her. (Note Henrietta’s death date and Marty and Will’s marriage date.) [4]

She only had one tooth when she was older. It was a wide tooth on the side between two stubs. [3]

All the children had blue eyes except Marty who had green eyes. [3] [I also have green eyes. MTB]

Many German people stayed with Martin and Henrietta when first arriving in St. Joseph from Germany. The Schulz’s lived very close to the train station in St. Joseph in a very small house. All of that area is now vacation/beach homes as it is right off the beach of Lake Michigan. The house is about a block and a half south of the railroad station just below the bluff and facing the bluff. [8]

Aged Woman Died This Afternoon [14]

Mrs. Henrietta Schultz, who has been gradually failing for the past eight months, died this afternoon at 1:30 at her home on Vine Street, at the age of 75 years. Death was due to old age.

Mrs. Schultz came to this city 32 years ago from her native country, Germany, where she was born January 1, 1840.

There are surviving her three sons, Henry Schultz of Court street and August and Herman of Baroda, four daughters, Mrs. Huldah [Hulda. MTB] Tollas of this city, Mrs. Bertha Krause and Mrs. Peter [sic] Krause of Scottdale, and Miss Martha Schultz and a grand-daughter, Minnie Knuth, both of whom reside at the family home on Vine street.

She also has a brother, Carl Loraff, residing in South Dakota. Mrs. Schultz was a member of St. Peter’s Evangelical church. [Carl became a successful rancher in South Dakota. MTB]

Mrs. Schultz Buried This Afternoon [14]

Preceded by brief prayer services at the family residence on Vine street, the funeral of the late Mrs. Henrietta Schultz was held from St. Peter’s Evangelical church at 2 o’clock this afternoon.

The Ladies’ Aid society of which Mrs. Schultz was an active member, attended in a body and sang “The Rest of the Soul at Home,” and a choir made up of Misses Tillie Schrage, Helen Buehler, Louise Fechner and Lydia Tollas, and Messrs. August Biastock, Ferdinand Streich, Arthur Haase, William Meschke and Edward Archut, sang “Longing For the Heavenly Home” and “At Home.”

Messrs. Fred, Henry and Herman Kasischke, Charles Taubie and Fred and Albert Bartz acted as pallbearers. The burial took place in the city cemetery.

Card of Thanks. [14]

We wish to thank the friends and neighbors for their kindness during the sickness and death of our mother. We also thank the Ladies’ Aid society of St. Peter’s Evangelical church.

Miss Martha Schultz,

Miss Minnie Knuth,

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Krause,

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Krause,

Mr. and Mrs. William Tollas,

Mr. and Mrs. August Schultz,

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schultz,

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz.

1910 US Census: 614 Vine St., St. Joseph, Berrien Co., Michigan [20]; (all birthplaces Germany except Minnie, she was born in Michigan.

Schultz, Henrietta 70 widow mother of 12 – 8 living

Paul (son) 29 single, Occupation: Hauling – own team

Martha (dau.) 26 single. Occupation: Knitter – knitting factory

Knuth, Minnie (granddau.) 16 single; Knitter – knitting factory


Name: 1, 3, 18; 25 (Johanne Henriette Lohraff)

Nickname: Loraff 2-3, 9, 5,15, 17, 22; Lohraff 6,17; Henriette 7, 14, 16, 19-20; 21 (Henriette)

Birth:1-3,7,14,19-22;18,25 (1 Jan 1840)

Birth Place:1-2, 14, 19-21, 18, 25 (Reinfeld, County Rummelsburg)

Baptism: 18

Death: 1-3, 7, 9 [sic],14,22

Death Place:2-3,14

Burial: 1-3, 7, 14

Siblings: (Carl & Fred) 3 Female: 2, 18, 25 Male: 2, 18, 25

Husband: 1-3, 5-7, 15-17, 19-22

Marriage Date: 1859

Marriage Place: 3

Marriage Ended: 2-3, 20

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