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The Winthrop Fleet—1630

The next wave of English immigrants to New England took place in June & July 1630, in what is known as The Winthrop Fleet.

Arrival of the Winthrop Colony by William F. Halsall

This fleet consisted of 11 ships led by the flagship Arabella carrying John Winthrop. Traveling with Winthrop were about 1,000 Puritans plus livestock and provisions which sailed from England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the first period of the Great Migration. Among these passengers were several of my maternal ancestors:

Isaac & Mary (Barker) Stearns with three children: John, Mary & Hannah.

William & Godethe (Gillman) Learned with five children: Sarah, Betha, Abigail, Elizabeth & Isaac.

Jonah Weed, who was single.

In future posts I will trace the lineage of each of these families through the generations leading to their relationship to me and my brother Charles Tollas and sister Carolyn (Tollas) Knapp.

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