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This celebration for Margie occurred at the Derry Playhouse on June 23rd 2019. Attended by many of the Derry Playhouse Writers and close friends, it was a wonderful expression of appreciation for her positive inspiration and it’s influence on the people and community in Derry Ireland.

 "At her request I hosted a farewell party for her. It was one of the most joyous events for all present. There was laughter and tears but mostly appreciation for a life that touched so many. My daughter filmed it for me and once the edit is complete I will send you a copy to share with your extended family. We are going to have a dedicated bench for you mum that will sit proudly in our Plaza, at the very heart of the Playhouse where everyone meets and greets. It is a joyful space where we have book launches, exhibition openings, talks and gatherings. She loved attending all of these events. I have also acquired two young Oak trees, one to be planted in Buncrana, Co. Donegal where she lived and one in Derry, a city she loved and who loved her back." - Pauline Ross

Very special thanks to Pauline Ross for the celebration planning and hosting and her daughter for producing the video for us all to enjoy. I’ve also posted this on her webpage

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